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English Crystal Rye 70



Thomas Fawcett Crystal Rye Malt 70° - 80° Lovibond will lend a dry, slightly licorice character to your beer, complimented by lightly burnt toffee flavors.  Use in place of a normal 70° Lovibond, or as an addition to any beer where you need an extra depth of complexity that normal caramel/crystal malts are unable to deliver. 

Use as up to 10% of the total grain bill for American style IPA's, as well as English and Scottisch styles, stouts, browns, or any beer style that you want to give extra depth and complexity.  Will also aid in head formation and foam retention.   

Note: Sold by the pound.

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 70 - 80
Moisture %: 5
Protein Total %: 11.6
Extract FG Dry: 70
Max Usage Rate %: 10
Diastatic Power: 0
Origin: United Kingdom
PDF Download Thomas Fawcett Crystal Rye Malt Lot Analysis
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