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Our Extract Creamy D home brew recipe kit started as an attempt to see what would happen if you did a classic cream ale, added fruit, then went way off of the radar to make it a creamy, delicious fruit bomb!  We started with a fairly classic, prohibition cream ale recipe.  We upgraded our malt, tossed in a dry hop, then robbed our strawberry plants of all of their fruit!

Instead of homemade extracts or commercial extracts, we wanted to make this brewing kit just right for fresh fruit, bursting with hop aroma and fruit character the natural way.  So, of course, we added half a gallon of Sunny D to the fermenter!  Instead of making an orange drink, it brought out all of the strawberry flavors, some delicious wine-y fruit from Nelson Sauvin hops, and pulled everything together!  This summer drinker can weigh in a bit heavy depending on how much fruit you use.  This also comes out delicious by itself without fruit!

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This was a very fun experiment, and this months Kit of the Month!  It started when two of the Josh’s that work here (I feel like everyone who works here’s name is  Josh!) wanted to go head to head on a nice, summer cream ale that was WAY outside of the box.  Fruited, higher gravity, and with a special ingredient that we’ll talk about in a minute.

The base, they decided, needed to be a higher end base malt.  You know how much we obsess over Golden Promise here, so that was the natural conclusion.  Just to dial it a little further outside the box, they cut back on the common cream ale adjuncts and decided to add strawberries.  I’m telling you, when he put the strawberries in at knockout, this entire place smelled like strawberry pie!!

The hop was kept simple and straightforward, a simple Nelson Sauvin bitter and dry hop addition to help accentuate the fruit and add to the perception of dryness.

They split up the yeasts that they used, one with our classic and favorite WLP080 at room temp, the other 5 gallons with A44 Kveiking fermented at 85 F.

The real kicker was the Sunny Delight!  One of them did a half gallon at the very end of fermentation, making it a slightly cloudy, fruit bomb of a cream ale, and the other Josh did a full gallon day 3 of fermentation, making it a crazy clear fruit bomb of a cream ale!  Neither keg lasted more than a weekend, so I leave it to you to choose which way you’ll do yours! 


18B American Pale Ale

Recipe Kit Details:

ABV: 5.9%
Estimated OG: 1.054
Estimated FG: 1.010
IBU: 23
SRM: 5

Included In Kit:

  • All Malt Extracts Listed in Recipe
  • All Grains Listed in Recipe, Ground and Bagged Together
  • All Hops Listed in Recipe
  • 5" x 28" Grain Bag
  • 4 oz Bottling Sugar
  • Extract Beer Recipe Kit Instructions

Yeast Suggestions:

A44 Imperial Organic Yeast A44 Kveiking
WLP080 White Labs WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend
Wyeast 1056 Wyeast 1056 American Ale 


NOTE: YEAST is NOT included.

Instructions and Home Brew Recipe Download:

PDF icon  Download the Recipe HERE!
PDF Icon Download Brewing with Extract Guide HERE!

NOTE: Beer Recipe and Extract Brewing Kit Instructions are in PDF format.



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