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Copper Counter Flow Chiller

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Copper Counter Flow Wort Chiller with 1/2" FPT fittings for beer and 3/4" Hose Fittings for water, making it ready to customize to your system.

The inner tube is made from 12' of 5/8" convoluted (twisted) copper which continually turbulates the wort as it flows through. The outer tube is made from 7/8" copper. The Convolutus counterflow chiller allows you to pump wort through without having to restrict your pump to slow down flow. Use 1/2" line to connect to wort in and out feeds. The water connections are male and female 3/4" hose connections.

10 1/4" height by 11" overall diameter (coils themselves are about 6" in diameter)

Featured Product on R.J.'s Homebrew Corner, March 2021 - See this month's Homebrew Corner Picks!

As you may or may not know, I have a serious LOVE / HATE relationship with plate chillers.  They are absolutely amazing - for like 10 or 15 brew days, then they’re useless because they are clogged up!  With the Copper Counterflow, there’s all of the power represented in the plate chiller, but with a monster ½” tube that is pretty hard to clog, and if it does, easy to clear.  The way it works is that the water runs counter to the beer wort (this works great with gravity, but better with a pump), and the cooling water is constantly moving and swirling, maximizing the surface area, and therefore cooling power, of the unit.  My favorite way to set these up is with an SS Tee on the ’Wort Out’ side, a 2” Dial Thermometer plugged into one side, and Ball Valve on the other to control wort flow.  You can cool whatever volume of beer that you have in the time it takes to transfer to the fermenter, and control exactly what temp you do it at!


*Please note that this is a Special Order Item, and may take 5-7 days for delivery!


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