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Co2 Hop Extract 10mL

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Co2 Hop Extract in an easy to use 10mL Syringe. Use the following formula to decide how bitter you want your beer. Keep in mind, this 58.8% Alpha Acid extract is used for bittering ONLY.  Our loose rule of thumb is that 1 mL of extract per 5 gallons of wort will give your homebrew approximately 10 IBUs.

This extract is made from Eureka! hops using Supercritical CO2 extraction to extract pure, concentrated alpha acids. When you add this to your boil, these alpha acids will isomerize like normal and create your bitter profile.

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You’ve probably seen us use this extract in many of our Beer Recipe Kits, and we do that because it’s such a clean bitter and makes it so easy.  The rule of thumb, although you can do the math if you want, is that 1 mL in a 5 gallon batch gives you about 10 IBUs.  This makes the bitter balance addition in your beer the easy part so you can focus on other hop additions and not worry about having tons of trub in your beer.  We throw these in easy to use, 10 mL syringes to make adding it easier.  Just make sure that you put the extract on your mash paddle and mix it in, though, so it doesn’t fall to the bottom and scorch!


Directions for Use

Using this simple equation, you can determine exactly how much CO2 Hop Extract to use to get the bitterness you want in any homebrew style.  To put it in your beer squirt the desired amount of Hop Extract onto your mash paddle, then stir it into your wort.  Because this extract is so dense and viscous, if you just squirt it straight into the boil, there is a chance that it will fall right to the bottom and burn before it can be dissolved into solution and start working it's magic.

Follow this simple equation to calculate your desired IBU's.  

Grams of CO2 Extract =

Wort Volume pre boil (in liters) x IBUs (in mg/lt) x 0.001 g/mg
Utilzation % x Alpha Acid %

Example for a 20 lt (5 gal) batch with 40 target IBU:

20 Liters X 40 IBU (mg/lt) X 0.001 g/mg
35% Utilzation X 58.8% Alpha %

Grams of CO2 Extract = 3.89 grams of Co2 Extract

This being done, you will need 3.89 grams to get 40 IBU's. Grams to mL is 1. So 3.89 grams will convert to ml as 3.89mL.

It has been reported that using extracts compared to pellets will be 5% higher in Utilzation. 35% Utilzation is a guestimate for early addition. Actual results will vary depending on your system.


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