Co2 Hop Extract 10mL


Co2 Hop Extract 10mL Syringe. Use the following formula to decide how bitter you want your beer. Keep in mind, this 58.8% Alpha Acid extract is used for bittering ONLY.

Grams of CO2 Extract =

Wort Volume – pre boil (in liters) x IBUs (in mg/lt) x 0.001 g/mg
Utilzation % x Alpha Acid %

Example for a 20 lt (5 gal) batch with 40 target IBU:

20 Liters X 40 IBU (mg/lt) X 0.001 g/mg
35% Utilzation X 58.8% Alpha %

Grams of CO2 Extract = 3.89 grams of Co2 Extract

This being done, you will need 3.89 grams to get 40 IBU's. Grams to mL is 1. So 3.89 grams will convert to ml as 3.89mL.

It has been reported that using extracts compared to pellets will be 5% higher in Utilzation. 35% Utilzation is a guestimate for early addition. Actual results will vary depending on your system.


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