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Clarified Brown Rice Syrup - 2 lb

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2° L.  2 pound vacuum sealed mylar bag.  This naturally gluten free syrup is made from 100% American grown brown rice, condensed into a 'wort' syrup the same way that malt extract is.  This is the perfect, easy addition for boosting gravity in IPA's, or adding extra flavor and dimension in your favorite Gluten-Free beer recipe.  

Clarified Brown Rice Syrup is unique because not only does it add simple sugars, it also adds the same complex sugars that Liquid and Dry Malt Extracts do, as well as providing all of the necessary proteins and amino acids needed for yeast nutrition, head formation and foam retention, and body.  

Want to make any of our Extract Beer Recipe Kits Gluten Free?  Just substitute any liquid malt extract at a 1:1 with Clarified Brown Rice Syrup, Sorghum Syrup, or both!

Rule of thumb if you're making your own recipe is 1 lb of Rice Syrup in 1 Gallon of water will give you a specific gravity of 1.040. 

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  • Hello. Just a silly question, is this brown rice syrup the same as brown rice syrup I bought from Walmart for eating and cooking? I mean sweet, thick and sticky ? Thanks

    While we're not sure if it's the same as what Walmart carries, ours is made specifically for fermentation and created to target specific brewing values as set forth in the spec sheet.  That being said, it's definitely sweet and sticky, although it's not super thick.