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Chapman Ported 14 Gallon Stainless Steel UniVessel Fermenter



Chapman Brewing Equipment provides high quality brewing equipment at an incredible price.  This 14 gallon ( 53 L ) Stainless Steel Fermenter is ideal for homebrewers at every level, and may be the most affordable SS Fermenter on the marker.  Clean welds, smooth interior, high quality and infinitely customizable, in a pinch this fermenter can easily pull double duty as a 14 gallon Brewing Kettle!

The lid comes complete with a removable/replaceable gasket to ensure your fermenter will last you a lifetime!  The lid takes a standard #10 Stopper and three piece airlock, which is included.  This fermenter is also ready to go for the Brewjacket Pro Immersion Fermentation Control System.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Completely smooth interior with no welds or exposed threads
  • Included Three Piece SS Ball Valve
  • Pressed Volume Markings
  • 14 gallons to provide headspace during fermentation
  • Fits easily into fermentation chambers
  • 14" ID x 24" H
  • 19" Diameter at widest point x 24" High with airlock attached


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