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Chapman Brewing Equipment is on Sale Now! Savings up to 45% OFF
Chapman Brewing Equipment is on Sale Now! Savings up to 45% OFF

Chapman 20 Gallon ThermoBarrel Mash Tun

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The ThermoBarrel Mash Tun is a fully insulated, stainless steel mash tun.  For decades brewers have been limited to modifed plastic coolers as mash tuns.  For homebrewers looking for an alternative without changing the way that they brew, here it is!  The stainless steel serves several benefits, including easy cleaning and no potential leaching of plastic into your beer.  The heavy foam insulation ensures that your mash temp stays right on point after stabilization, and keeps heat better than most coolers.  

Keep in mind that you would use ther ThermoBarrel just like a cooler, which means no direct heating.  Comes complete with Thermometer  ball valve, and domed false bottom with connection tubing, all at an awesome price!


  • Insulated Stainless Steel Mash Tun
  • Recirculation Port 2" from Top Rim
  • All ports 1/2" NPT exterally and reduced to 3/8" NPT Internally
  • Ball Valve, False Bottom and Thermometer Included
  • Sturdy Lid Clamps to Keep Heat In
  • Easy to Use and Clean


Ask a Question
  • What are the dimension of Chapman 20 Gallon Thermobarrel mash tun?

    ID - 18.75"  OD- 21"  OD with Ball Valve Attached - 24" Height - 21"

  • Are there gradation marks on the inside to tell how much water is in the tun?

    Yes, the graduations are there so you can measure the water before you add your grain, making it easy to add the calculated mash volume to the mash tun.