Carbonation Lid


Standard Cornelius Lid with O-Ring, Welded Ball Lock Post, Tubing and 2 Micron Carbonation Stone.

Carbonation lids are the way the take your keg carbonation to the next level. To use, use this process as a base line:

First and foremost, boil your stone before you use it, approximately 3 minutes, to remove any oils and to sterilize it.

Sanitize all of your moving parts, including the lid and down tube.

Attach the lid to the keg you want to carbonate and attach gas to the ball lock fitting on top. Set your PSI to 3. Leave it at this pressure for 1 full hour.

From here, raise your PSI 2 PSI per hour until you get to 12 PSI. Leave it here for 1 day (24 hours)

Pour a pint and revel in your fully carbonated beer! If it's not at the carbonation level you want, give it another day. When it's where you want it, swap your carb lid for your standard lid, and pour away!


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