Burly Baboon New England Red Saison - Extract


Style- 25B – Belgian Saison

With Saison beginnings, this beer quickly sets itself apart with a refreshing, ruby red color and a big, fruity NE IPA style hop character that blends deliciously with the dry, phenolic and earthy Saison yeast flavors.  This is not your typical Saison, but may be the most delicious one you ever make!


Estimated ABV – 7.8%

Estimated OG – 1.068

Estimated FG – 1.008


Yeast Suggestions:  Ale

GigaYeast GY027 Saision #2

       (Sold Separately)

Wyeast 3711 French Saison

       (Sold Separately)

White Labs WLP566 Saison II

       (Sold Separately)

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