Buckwheat Honey 5 lb

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Buckwheat Honey is known for being slightly darker with a full, robust flavor and a higher concentration of macronutrients, trace elements and anti-oxidant compounds.  It is known throughout the health world as a holistic cure for many ailments, from soothing a cough to stopping DNA mutations.

The full, robust flavor of this honey variety is shows through as a complex mead by itself, and will add incredible depth and complexity to assorted ciders, beers and wines.

For a flavor and simple sugar addition to any beer, use up to 2 lbs per 5 gallons.

For a flavor blast and simple sugar addition to any cider, use up to 1 lb per gallon.

For an incredible, single variety mead, use approximately 1 lb per 5 gallons per 1% alcohol.


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