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Briess Synergy Select Pilsen Malt American Pilsner - 50 lbs



Briess Synergy Select Pilsen Malt is a true European-style Pilsen Malt that is rich in flavor, high in extract and low in protein with moderate enzymes and FAN (Free Amino Nitrogen - read the suggested post on BrewCranium for more information on FAN).    Using a new AMBA variety, Briess maltsters picked the unique flood-irrigated, semi-arid plains of the Bighorn Basin in Northern Wyoming for its ability to grow bright, clean, low protein Synergy barley.  Then, individual fields were hand selected for the best quality harvest and malted using European methods to produce a fine North American continental Pilsen malt.  Expect a balanced flavor with malty, subtle honey, bready, and cracker notes without any grassy or harsh character.

Synergy select is a nice balance of Belgian 2 row pilsner malt and German 2 row pilsner malt, and works well as a substitute for either, striking a balance between the seet characteristics of Belgian pils and the more cracker characteristic of German pils.  Certified UMK Kosher.

Note: 50 lb Bulk Sack

Malt Technical Data:

Color Range °L: 1.8
Moisture %: 4.4
Protein Total %: 10.9
Extract FG Dry: 83
Max Usage Rate %: 100
Diastatic Power: 100

North America - Wyoming


PDF icon Briess Synergy Select American Pilsner Malt Lot Analysis
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