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Brewjacket Immersion Pro with Carboy / Bucket Jacket


Immersion Pro - First Use by Aaron Walls on Vimeo


The Brew Jacket Immersion Pro gives you an easy way to heat or cool your fermenting beer, wine, mead or cider by 35° F above OR below your ambient temperature.  This patented, industry leading technology can maintain the set temperature by 0.3° F.  It's easy to use and installation is a breeze on almost any fermenter.

This eliminates the need for fermentation fridges, temperature control units, an external cooler with ice water or glycol, and makes it easy to control your fermentation with just a solid state heat exchanger directly inside of your fermentation.

It breaks down for easy storage, making this one of the easiest and most convenient fermentation temperature controllers on the market.

This Kit Includes

  • Immersion Pro Head Unit
  • Heat Transfer Rod
  • Insulated Jacket w/ Drawstring
  • Power supply
  • Temperature Probe
  • Custom Drilled #10 Stopper
  • Blowoff Kit for installation on almost any fermenter (Brew Jacket DOES NOT work with Glass Carboys)

The Brewjacket fits any fermenter out of the box that requires a #10 stopper, and includes it's own custom stopper to ensure that you can use it right away, including the Fermonster and the Chapman line of fermenters.  For low pH fermentations, such as hard seltzer and wine, use the Brewjacket Sleeve to cover the Heat Transfer Rod, and remember to only clean the Heat Transfer Rod with an iodine based sanitizer.


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