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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

BrewChatter Super Clear Fining Kit

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Our Super Clear Fining Kit is ideal for every fermentation, including beer, wine, fruit wine, mead, cider, seltzer and any distillate.  The powerful positive and negative charges of Chitosan and Kieselsol added over the course of a couple days will clear almost any fermentation.  In 2 - 6 days.  It's simple to use and very effective, whether you're trying to clear your latest Chadonnay, fruited seltzer, or anything in between.

Highlighted Product on R.J.'s Homebrew Corner, February 2021

This stuff never ceases to amaze me, whether you're using it in beer, wine, mead, cider, seltzer or distillates.  It consists of Kieselsol and Chitosan, both of which carry opposite charges, and makes whatever you want to clarify crystal clear in just a few days.

You know how whirlfloc works because it has a negative charge, and gelatin works because it has a positive charge?  With Chitosan and Kieselsol, you're getting both the positive and the negative clarifying charges, but both packed together in one big punch.

The idea behind this is that you throw in the kieselsol first, the negative charge, which forces everything in solution with a positive charge to stick together and begin to drop out.  Then, a couple of days later, you toss in the chitosan, the positive charge, and everything else in solution with a negative charge sticks together, then it all sticks together and by then everything is so heavy, it all falls to the bottom.  Easy, brilliant science!  Try it on your next hard seltzer.  You won't be upset about it!

Instructions for Use

You can add Super Clear to either your primary fermentation, which is common for beer and seltzer fermentations, or during the bulk aging phase (secondary), which is common for wine, mead and cider.  It will be extremely effective regardless of what stage you add your finings.

Add the entire contents of the 12.5 mL Kieselsol package.  Wait 24 - 72 hours (wait the full 72 for Hard Seltzers), then add the entire contents of your 75 mL Chitosan package directly to your fermentation. Wait 24 - 48 hours for your product to clear completely and for everything to drop out.  Rack off of the top into your packaging.

What happens if you reverse the order of Kieselsol and chitosan?  Chitosan has a positive charge, while Kieselsol has a negative charge.  Adding them in the recommended order simply maximizes the effectiveness of both charges.  If you add the products in reverse, simply give the Chitosan an extra day to work before you add your Kieselsol.  This will not ruin your product, but if you add the kieselsol too soon after the chitosan, you may see more clumping and need an extra couple of days for everything to stick together and fall out.


Ask a Question
  • So do I add this with the yeast right when I transfer to the fermentor? or after a few days of fermentation? i'm using it for a hard seltzer.

    Add the kieselsol on day 9 of fermentation and the chitosan on day 12 of fermentation.  Then you can rack clear seltzer on day 14 of fermentation.

  • Will this kit work on 10 gallons?

    This kit will work on 10 gallons, but will not be as effective.  It is meant for 5 gallons, so we recommend two kits for a 10 gallon batch.

  • Do you add the findings after fermentation has ended? Or during?

    You want to add the finings after fermentation has completed.  Let the yeast finish their part first, then use the finings to finish clearing everything out, even in the primary fermenter.

  • Should these be added to a cold-crashed liquid? Or is it temperature dependent. I know with Gelatin specifically it has to be cold.

    Super Clear will work with any type of fermentation, and while it can be more effective in a crash chill, it will still work perfectly at room temps.  It is not specifically temperature dependant like gelatin finings.

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