BrewBuilt™ Brewing Kettles


The BrewBuilt™ Series of Brewing Kettles is a well built line of kettles at reasonable prices and ideal measurements.

Key Features:

- Tri-Clad Bottom with a 4 mm Aluminum Core (Induction Ready)

- 1.0 mm Thick 304 Stainless Steel

- Two Welded on Ports, the bottom port Male NPT for included Ball Valve, the top Female NPT with included Plug.

- 1.2:1 Height to Diameter Ratio to achieve a consisten 10% boil off rate

- Silicone Sleeved Handles on both the kettle and lid

- Etched Internal Volume Markings

- Notched lid with Silicone Plug

You will not be disappointed with this high quality pot in any size!






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