Belgian Oak Aged Tripel– Extract


Style 26C – Belgian Tripel


This is for Belgian Beer Lovers who want to expand their horizons and play with some wood! A very classic, dry and fruity Tripel, with a Hungarian Oak twist! Kit includes:
- All Malt Extract, Grain and Hops
- 2 lbs Blanc Candi Sugar
- 2 oz Hungarian Oak Cubes, Medium Toast

Estimated ABV – 9.2%

Estimated OG – 1.085

Estimated FG – 1.004

Yeast Suggestions: Ale
- White Labs WLP530 Abbey Ale (Sold Separately)
- Wyeast – 1214 Belgian Abbey (Sold Separately)
- Gigayeast - Golden Pear Belgian (Sold Separately)

Download the Recipe HERE!

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