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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

Belgian / Sour Beer Corks 44 x 25.5 mm 50 count

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These corks are high quality closures designed specifically for Belgian and Sour type cork and cage finishes.  These are micro-agglomerated, which means that they are composed of small, uniformly sized cork granules which are cleaned using super critical CO2 to remove any chemical flavors and aromas before they are molded. 

Beer Corks are designed for a very tight fit, and are wider than most available wine corks.  To put them in a bottle, a floor corker is strongly advised!  Finish your Belgian with our Champagne Wires with Gold Hood to complete the beautiful, mushroom style finish that will come from the high carbonation in these beer styles.


Using your Floor Corker, adjust the Cork depth to 1.5", which will leave about .23 mm of cork sticking out of the bottle.  Cork your bottles, then use the Champagne Wires with Gold Hoods to ensure that you won't have corks popping out.  Lay your bottles on their sides to ensure that the cork stays moist during carbonation, and let the natural carbonation process take care of the rest!


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