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Chapman Brewing Equipment is on Sale Now! Savings up to 45% OFF

B51 Workhorse - Imperial Yeast

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Imperial Yeast B51 Workhorse


Saison…no problem. Belgian stout, double… yep. Workhorse is the strain to use for a wide variety of brews. Super clean, this fast-attenuating strain has good flocculation characteristics. High alcohol tolerance makes this a great option for big Belgian beers.


65-75F, 18-25C






Ask a Question
  • How many gallons of 20 brix solution will this bag ferment out?

    At 5 gallons of 20 brix solution, the pitching rate with this bag (200 billion cells) would be approximately .55 million cells/mL (an average ale pitch would be approximately .75 million cells/mL).  This would be a slight underpitch, and they would finish fermentation, but would express the ester profile of this particular strain more.  A more appropriate volume for this 200 billion cell package at 20 brix would be approximately 3.75 gallons.

  • What is the maximum alcohol tolerance for this yeast?

    Workhorse can tolerate up to 12%, and can probably be pushed a little higher with Fermaid O or Fermaid K additions.