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B48 Triple Double - Imperial Yeast

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Imperial Yeast B45 Triple Double


The perfect strain for your classic abbey ales. Triple Double produces moderate esters with low to no phenolic characteristics. This strain is tried and true and works perfectly in a production environment. Keep an eye on Triple Double, it likes to sit on top of the wort throughout fermentation which may result in a slow  fermentation.


65-77F, 18-25C





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Probably my favorite Belgian strain, supposedly courtesy of the Westmalle Trappist Monastery, Triple Double gives you a distinct Belgian character.  It’s my go to for most of the fruitier Belgian styles, like our Belgian Oak Aged Tripel and Spring Fantasty Belgian Pale Ale because the fruit is prominent but not overbearing.  The phenolics (peppery, clove-y) characteristics are there, too, but they are super light and provide a nice counterpoint to push the fruit characters forward.


Another fun property of this strain is that if you don’t have about 33% head space in your fermenter, it will blow the top off of it!  At the very least, make sure that you rig up a blow off tube, because this wonderful strain will definitely let you know it’s working - probably at 3 am when the whole house is asleep!


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