Assassin Brewery Cleaner 1 lb


1 lb of Assassin Brewery Cleaner

Have you ever wanted to be an assassin with ninja warrior training? Well, we don't offer that. However, we do offer a cleaner that will assassinate all build up, dirt, and remove labels from bottles, and these 1 lb jars are a perfect way to test how awesome it is. Our cleaner uses a special blend of chemicals that keep you from having to scrub hard and/or long.  Just mix with warm water and you're set.


  • Oxidizing Brewery Cleaner

  • High Foam Surfactant

  • Use to CIP Brew Kettles, Lauter Tuns, Fermentors, Kegs

  • Clean greasy pans or fryers

  • Silverware and heavy stained glassware safe

  • Remove stuck on stains from plates or kettels


Assassin Brewery Cleaner is the first choice of both Pro and Home Brewer's for cleaning. It is safe on every surface, easy to use, and perfect for use both in and out of the brewery, including most of your stainless steel kitchen pans and utensils. It will remove organic build-up, make cleaning neglected kettles and fermentors easy, and will even remove labels and caked on dirt. Assassin Brewery Cleaner will cut through grease and can be used for multiple vessels.  


Let the assassin loose in your home or brewery, and no dirt is safe. Think ABC.


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