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Artisan Cacao Nibs - Madagascar 4 oz

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4 oz Package

This artisan cacao from Madagascar will add notes of plum, citrus, and berries to your beer. Add in secondary and allow 3 days to 6 months, allowing for personal taste. Great in porters, stouts, or any beer you want! Also known as cocoa nibs.

This product is all natural and dairy, soy and gluten free, and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Also known as cocoa nibs.


Directions for Use

Add at a rate of 4 oz per 5 gallons. Can be added to the very end of the boil, in fermentation, or both. You can keep Cacao Nibs in solution for up to 6 months, although they generally impart the better aspects of their flavor much sooner, so taste often after 3-5 days.

To make Cacao Tea, bring 8 oz (1 cup) of water to a boil and add 2 oz of cacao nibs.  Remove from heat and allow 5 minutes for steeping.  For more chocolate flavor, add more nibs.  Flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg for a deliciously spiced tea.


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