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Artisan Cacao Husks 8 oz

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8 oz package

Use these craft cacao husks in the mash of your porter, stout, or any beer you want to add a chocolatey aroma and mild chocolate flavor. Use anywhere from 4 oz to 2 lbs per 5 gallons, depending on your beer and your tastes! Also known as cocoa husks.

Directions for Use

Add 8 oz Cacao Husks per 5 gallon batch to any mash where you want a distinct chocolate aroma and light flavor in your beer without impacting color. The more you add, the more chocolate you get! 8 oz per 5 gallons is generally a good balance.

To make Cacao Tea, bring 8 oz (1 cup) of water to a boil and add 4 oz of cacao husks.  Remove from heat and allow 5 minutes for steeping.  For more chocolate flavor, add more husks.  Flavor with cinnamon and nutmeg for a deliciously spiced tea.


Ask a Question
  • Hi! Can you tell me where if the cacao husks are ethically sourced and if so, where they are sourced from? Thank you!

    Sure thing!  Our husks are a blend of ethically sourced, fair trade and organic cacao husks from local farmers in Haiti, Ghana, Ecuador, Bolivia, Belize, Guatemala, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic.  Our vendor works directly with local farmers in all of these countries, as well as supporting and giving back to the communities that they buy from.  While the Artisan Cacao Nibs are single origin, the cacao husks are a blend of these varieties.