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American Rye Whiskey - 5 Gallon Recipe Kit

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There is no way to properly explain the complex, earthy forward spice of a perfectly executed American Rye Whiskey.  Not only is the process WAY more involved, the distillation and aging are unique and delicious.

For our American Rye Distiller's Fermentation Kit, we've added multiple rye forms and varieties to add a beautiful complexity, as well as taken all of the guesswork and pain out of the process of making a rye wash!  This kit comes complete with yeast, bioglucanase enzyme, a mixture of oak to help with both authenticity and complexity, and step by step instructions to get you through the wash and on to the fermentation and distillation.

We're sorry in advance - this will become your favorite American whiskey after you make it the first time!  

PDF icon Download the Recipe HERE!


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