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Acid Blend 2 oz

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Acid Blend is used in wines to help balance the three most common fruit acids, Malic, Citric and Tartaric. It can be added to wines that are lacking in natural acids, which may lead to a 'flat' tasting finished product. Using Acid Blend at the proper rates can help bring out the natural fruit flavors in the wine, as well as properly balancing the pH for the yeast so as to have a healthy and vigorous fermentation. Always test your acid levels first before adding to the acidity.

Directions: Pre-Fermentation: Add your desired amount of Acid Blend directly to your wine before you pitch yeast. Titration readings are ideal in the .55% range for a proper fermentation, or 3.8 - 3.4 pH if using pH test strips. 1 teaspoon per gallon raises the acid content by .15% tartaric.


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