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A38 Juice - Imperial Yeast

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Imperial Yeast A38 Juice


Juicy. Fruity. Juice is an amazing strain for East Coast IPAs. The ester profile of Juice brings out the aromas and flavors of the new school hops and creates a beer that is greater than the sum of its parts. Keep an eye on this strain, it likes to move to the top of fermentation and will climb out the fermenter if too full.

NOTE: This strain has demonstrated the need for higher wort dissolved oxygen (DO) levels than most ale strains.  Target 20-25 ppm DO or set the oxygen regulator flow to 50% higher than normal.

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By now, all of us IPA freaks out there know and love the Heady Topper strain (Conan) and all of its derivatives for our Hazy IPAs and Juicy New England Style IPAs.  I love Juice because it is a top performer, every time, and tends to dry out just a little bit more without sacrificing any of the balance that you want in your Hazy.  AND it stays hazy - as long as you don’t go overboard with the flaked or malted wheat!  Expect killer expression of both your whirlpool and your dry hop additions for an amazing NE IPA.


64-74F, 18-23C






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