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A37 POG - Imperial Yeast

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Single isolate kveik known to produce a huge tropical ester profile.  After years of surviving in cold climates, this Kveik yeast is ready for the tropical lifestyle. When used at high temperatures, POG produces an extreme amount of tropical fruit aromas including pineapple and guava. At the lower end of the range, more delicate citrus, peach and kiwi aromas are noticeable. The beer style options are expansive for this yeast. Use it in a hazy/juicy IPA to complement the hops or use it in a sour fruited beer to maximize the extreme aromatics. POG likes to work fast at high fermentation temperatures. It is also strongly flocculent, which makes it great for a fast turnaround.

This strain has demonstrated the need for higher wort dissolved oxygen (DO) levels than most ale strains. Target 20 ppm DO or set the oxygen regulator flow to ~50% higher than normal.  

Temperature Range

85° - 100° F (29° - 38° C)




75% - 85%

Alcohol Tolerance

up to 10%


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