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5 Gallon BIAB - Brew In A Bag Home Brew System - Basic

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Our 5 Gallon BIAB - Brew In A Bag Home Brew System is a complete system and is the first step in raising your game for your home brew!  Comes with everything that you need get off of the kitchen stove and make the jump into All-Grain!  BIAB is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to make All Grain Home Brew, and the best part is that as your brewing hobby grows, this kit can grow with you!

All you'll be missing is a bottle of propane and a Beer Recipe Kit, and you'll be filling fermenters and bottling or kegging some delicious home brew!  This is the perfect place to start for anyone raising their game from extract batches, or just getting into homebrewing!

Highlighted Product on R.J.'s Homebrew Corner, February 2021

Sometimes, you just need to make the jump to All Grain Brewing.  When I started brewing, I was so obsessed that I made the jump after just a couple of extract batches, so I know that feeling!

BIAB is an awesome, and ridiculously cost effective, way to make the jump to All Grain.  Yes, the extra process is scary until you do it, but we set this kit up with everything that you need, including the Element Burner, to take things from the stove top to the garage.  I'm excited about this kit because this would have been my next step had it been a thing when I started brewing.

Going to a three vessel system is not only a huge expenditure, but it's a lot to design when you're not really sure how you want to set up your process.  Going BIAB, you can begin to amass some of the equipment that you'll use if you do decide to build an elaborate 3 vessel system, but you won't be locked into that paradigm if you don't want to be.  I know brewers that jumped to BIAB and never moved forward because they were making such good beer!  They saw no reason to build a big elaborate system!  If you're thinking of making the jump, this kit is probably one of the best steps you can take!

Included In Kit

  • Stainless Steel Brew Pot - 16 Gallon with lid for mashing and boiling
  • Brewer's Best Element Propane Burner
  • Stainless Steel 24" Stir Spoon to stir in your mash
  • 24" x 24" Vinyl Grain Bag for grain and hops

Not Included In Kit

Our Beer Making Equipment Kits are perfect for every level of brewer, and give you the versatility to get exactly what you need, as well as the piece of mind that you have everything you'll need on brew day for fermentation!


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