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3 Gallon PET Carboy

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3 Gallon Food Grade PET carboy, great for any Beer, Wine, Mead or Cider!  Please note that this IS NOT a Glass Carboy, but constructed of high quality, food grade PET Plastic  Use this carboy as a primary fermenter for 2.5 gallon batches or as bulk aging vessels for 3 gallons of any Wine, Mead, Cider or Sour Style Beer.  Takes a #10.5 Stopper or Universal Carboy Hood to attach an airlock.

PET Plastic Carboys are ideal if you want to actively watch your fermentation, dry hops or crash chill process without the added cost of a glass primary fermenter or bulk aging vessel.  PET is a food grade, hard plastic material that is ideal for fermentation projects. When choosing between glass or plastic, remember that while glass is a superior fermentation material, PET plastic is still an ideal material, but will need to be replaced more often.  With proper care, a PET fermenter will last at least 20 batches, and longer if it is used exclusively for bulk aging. All of our plastic fermenters are high quality, durable, and perfect for all of your fermentation projects.


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  • What are the dimensions and is this glass.

    The carboy is H=16" X W=9.5". The Carboys are PET, that stands for polyethylene terephthalate. In other words plastic.