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1 Gallon Glass Wide Mouth Carboy with Lid

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These wide mouth, 1 gallon carboys are perfect for Kombucha fermentations, as well vegetable fermentations such as Kimchi and Sauerkraut.  They can also be used for any beer, wine, mead or cider.  Ideal for small batch brewing!  This 1 glass carboy is 10" high and has a 6" diameter and has a 4" opening.

Made of heavy duty glass, the lids can be left whole, or drilled out to add a grommet or stopper with an airlock to ensure anaerobic fermentation.  Sauerkraut sold separately.  


Ask a Question
  • Is this wide mouth the same size as the mason jar wide mouth opening?

    The opening on this Jar is 4", or 110 mm.  It's 1" bigger than the large size mason jar openings.

  • Are these heat treated

    These carboys are not heat tempered.