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Yeast Strain Guide

Imperial Strain Wyeast Strain White Labs Strain   Assumed Origin
A07 Flagship 1056 American Ale WLP001 Sierra Nevada
A09 Pub 1968 London ESB WLP002 Fuller's
A01 House 1098 British Ale WLP007 Whitbread
A10 Darkness 1084 Irish Ale WLP004 Guiness
A04 Barbarian NA NA The Alchemist
A15 Independence 1272 American Ale II WLP051 Anchor Liberty
A18 Joystick 1764 Pacman NA Rogue
A20 Citrus NA WLP644 Unicorn dust
A24 Dry Hop NA NA Blend A20/A04
A31 Tartan 1728 Scottish Ale WLP028 McEwan
A38 Juice 1318 London Ale III NA Boddingtons
B48 Triple Double 3787 Trappist HG WLP530 Westmalle
B64 Napoleon 3711 French Saison NA Brasserie Thiriez
B45 Gnome 3522 Ardennes NA Achouffe
B51 Workhorse 1581 Belgian Stout NA Kasteel
B56 Rustic 3726 Farmhouse NA Brasserie de Blaugies
B63 Monastic 1214 Belgian Ale WLP500 Chimay
B44 Whiteout 3944 Belgian Witbier WLP400 Celis White/ Hoegaarden
G02 Kaiser 1007 German Ale WLP036 Dusseldorf (Zum Uerige)
G01 Stefon 3068 Weihenstephan WLP300 Weihenstephan
G03 Dieter NA WLP029 PJ Fruh
L13 Global 2124 Bohemian WLP830 Weihenstephan
L17 Harvest 2352 Munich II WLP860 Augustiner
L05 Cablecar 2112 California Lager WLP810 Anchor
L28 Urkel 2278 Czech Lager NA Urquell
F08 Sour Batch Kidz NA NA Blend of Sacch, Lacto, Brett
W15 Suburban Brett NA NA Proprietary