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What Do We Do With Your Email??

At BrewChatter, we are excited about brewing, and we want you to be, too!  When you sign up for our email list, we are going to do our best to make sure that you know what's going on, including classes and workshops, events, and sales on homebrewing, winemaking, cidermaking, cheesemaking, kombucha and fermented foods equipment and ingredients.  Check out exactly what we do and do not use your information for below!

What We Will NOT Use Your Email For

We Will Not, under any circumstances, sell your email or information to a third party.  Your informational security is very important to us, and we take pride in using your email in-house only to keep you up to date with awesome home fermentation content, relevant sales, and positive informational and educational content and announcements.

What Kind of Content Will You Send Me, And How Often?

On average, we are going to email you 3 - 5 times per week.  We do regular weekly flash sales to help you cope with the weekend being over and getting back to the grind, a weekly email to announce our weekly YouTube Videos on BrewChatter TV, during active seasons, and emails to announce our bi-monthly to monthly blog article on BrewCranium.  These emails are generally Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but are subject to change without notice.

We will also email you to announce and remind you about upcoming classes, workshops and events.  These emails will happen monthly, and we will send 1 email to let you know the details of the class, workshop or event in our monthly newsletter, which is sent on the first of each month, another email the week before the class, workshop or event, and a reminder the day of.  We hold fun and educational events likes these on a monthly basis, although there will be some months where we hold more, and some less.  You can view our upcoming events on our Brewing Classes page by clicking the link.

What If I No Longer Wish To Receive Your Emails?

Although we hate to lose you as a subscriber, we also feel that it's very important to make unsubscribing from our email list quick, easy and painless.  There is no wait when you click the link, and you will not receive any more emails from us unless you opt back in to our mailing list, with the exception of an Unsubscribe Confirmation Email.  Below are four quick and easy ways to unsubscribe from our email list.

Directly From This Page

Simply click this UNSUBSCRIBE link, and you will be able to unsubscribe from our list.

Directly From Your Last Received Email

At the bottom of each of our email communications, we add a link to quickly and easily unsubscribe from our list.  Simply click the provided link in your email!

Call Us

You can call us at 775.358.0477 and ask the Brew Ninja who answers the phone to remove you from our email list.  It will be done as quickly as possible!

Email Us

Send an email to and ask to be removed from our email list.  It will be done as quickly as possible!