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R.J.'s Home Brew Corner

Welcome to R.J.’s Home Brew Corner!  This is where I get to tell you about all of our new products, and why we like them so much!  We'll talk ideas, what we plan to use them for, and even dip into some of our favorite products, even if they're not new!  I’ll wax eloquent on everything fermentation, from fermented food to wine, mead, cider, beer and seltzer.  I’ll update this page the first Monday of every month so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest products and what we're doing with them. 

If you want to see all of these new products, head over to our R.J.'s Home Brew Corner collection and see all of them together!

Have a product you'd like to see on here, or give some feedback on?  Write your question in our Ask a Question under the products that you want to learn more about!  We personally read and reply to each and every question.  Want to add your two cents on one of your favorite products?  Write a review and let us know what you think!! 

New Products for December 2022

Brewer's Beast Brewing Kettle with Welded Ports - 8 Gallon

This is the ideal kettle for getting started, especially when you add a Ball Valve and Thermometer!  This is everything that you need, minus an Element Burner, to get started boiling your own beer and making some wort!  Not only that, but it's crazy cost effective for any extract beer.  This is the ultimate Get Started In Brewing pot.  It will grow with you into other systems so you never have to worry about spending the money twice - which, let's be honest, is a whole thing in brewing until you figure out how you want to build your system.  With this pot, even if you upgrade to a BrewZilla or other All In One electric system, it will still integrate into your overall system.


Refractometer - Brix and SG w/ ATC

Maybe one of the most under-rated tools that we have as homebrewers!  I love these because you can check your gravity at any point during your brewing process to make sure that you're on track.  You can quickly and easily measure your mash, pre-boil and post boil gravities.  We use this tool a ton during our brewing classes to not only show conversion, but to teach other brewers these metrics to make sure that you're on point during brew day.  

This measures sugar concentration through the way that light refracts through solution.  Remember that alcohol refracts light differently, so you'll need to use a calculator (check out our video on refractometer measurements) to get an accurate final gravity reading.


 New Zealand Pilsner Beer Recipe Kit

New Zealand Pilsner - Extract and All Grain

The whole New Zealand Pilsner thing is a super fun 'new' style of beer.  Simple, delicious and made with one of our favorite New Zealand hop varieties, Motueka.  This gives you a nice, very light hint of pine needles and some dank, but without being over-bearing and crazy.  This is one of our new favorites, right behind the Wiley Coyote Mexican Lager for when we're feeling in the mood for nice, clean and complex lagers.