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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

R.J.'s Home Brew Corner

Welcome to R.J.’s Home Brew Corner!  This is where I get to tell you about all of our new products, and why we like them so much!  We'll talk ideas, what we plan to use them for, and even dip into some of our favorite products, even if they're not new!  I’ll wax eloquent on everything fermentation, from fermented food to wine, mead, cider, beer and seltzer.  I’ll update this page the first Monday of every month so you can stay up to date on the latest and greatest products and what we're doing with them. 

If you want to see all of these new products, head over to our R.J.'s Home Brew Corner collection and see all of them together!

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New Products for September 2022

Imperial Yeast I22 Capri

Imperial Yeast I22 Capri - Imperialis Series

The latest from Imperial Yeast, with Capri is a clever blend of A43 Loki and A04 Barbarian.  The clever part is that instead of just dropping a certain percentage of each strain into a bag or full on genetically splicing the two, they got them to mix through mating!

To simplify the process, they basically encouraged the strains to blend together through science during their idle sexual cycle.  For perspective, it would be the same as mating two hop varieties to make a third, child variety.  Yes, this isn’t just a quick blend or GMO version of Loki and Barbarian, it is a whole new strain!

It’s hazy and juicy, and obviously plays very well with hops!  It tends to stay in suspension and is therefore great for Hazys and Hazy styles.  It’s only around for a limited time, so definitely give this one a try if you’re feeling up to a hoppy adventure!

Omega Yeast Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast 11 g

Omega Yeast Lutra Kveik Dry Yeast 11 g 

Lutra has been getting quite some traction the past year or so!  It was isolated from a complete Hornindal culture (meaning a blend of different strains of saccharomyces and bacteria) and seems to be fantastic for making pseudolagers.

This strain ferments very clean at higher temps, and even cleaner at lower ale temps.  Lutra, next to Stranda and Opshaug, is one of the best lager-like kveik strains available to homebrewers, and is great for all of those summer lagers that we don’t think of making until summer!

Just like all of the kveik strains, don’t be afraid to ride it hard and put it away wet!  Ferment it hot and let it do its thing!

Double Stuffed Chocolate Brown Ale All Grain Beer Recipe Kit

Double Stuffed Chocolate Brown - Extract and All Grain

When I think of fall, I think of a nice, easy to drink Brown Ale.  Sometimes I want a hoppy Brown, sometimes something more traditional like our Honey Nut Brown.  This year, I wanted something with just a little more flare.  Not too crazy in any direction, but with some extra oomph to give it dimension.  That is how our Double Stuffed was born!

We decided that something that was fairly low gravity and drinkable was the key, with tons of malt character like an English Style Brown, but not super hoppy or super heavy.  Think a quaffable ESB with some more crystal character and a nice, balanced punch of chocolate!  The chocolate is way more aroma than flavor, with just a hint on the palette, but gives you a nice, comforting chocolate kick.

If you want to add some more chocolate kick, add in some Cacao Nibs or your choice.  You can add a couple ounces at the very end of the boil (last 10 minutes is perfect for a solid heat extraction) and ‘dry hop’ with a couple ounces to put your chocolate dimension over the top!!