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Liquid Yeast Frequently Asked Questions

We all love brewing with liquid yeasts.  There are tons of strains, and we can tailor our beer to get EXACTLY what we want out of it!  Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get regarding liquid yeast strains and shipping.

Q - DO I need Ice Packs for Dry Yeast Strains?

  • Dry Yeast Strains are shelf stable and do not need to be shipped cold

Q - How many cells are in a liquid yeast package

  • White Labs Yeast - 100 billion cells
  • Wyeast - 100 billion cells
  • Imperial Yeast - 200 billion cells

Q - How do I tell if my yeast is within date?

  • Each liquid yeast manufacturer has a formula for how long their yeast is actively viable.  These are the time frames that yeast will stay healthy and viable provided by each manufacturer
    • White Labs - PurePitch - 6 months from manufacture date
    • White Labs Vials - 4 months from manufacture date
    • Wyeast Smack Pack - 6 months from manufacture date
    • Imperial Organic Yeast - 4 months from manufacture date

Q - What do I do if my yeast is past it's 'best by' date?

  • You have many options for yeast that's past date.  Keep in mind that the date on yeast packages is when the cell count starts to decline, and does not indicate that the yeast is already beyond saving, so if you don't get to your brew day as planned and your yeast falls out of date, don't panic!
    • Make a starter
    • Co pitch with another package of the same strain, or a different strain if you're feeling adventurous

Q - What do I do if my yeast is warm when it arrives?

  • Get your yeast refrigerated
  • Consider making a yeast starter
  • Use Fermaid K , Fermaid O, or another high quality yeast nutrient during fermentation
  • Don't Panic!  Your yeast is not dead, just woken up.  This means that they have used many of the energy reserves that the yeast purveyor packaged them with, so they will have to be replenished for healthy fermentation

Q - What's the safest way to ship yeast?

  • We recommend taking advantage of BrewNinja Yeast Shipping!  With this program, if you buy anything else in the store that is not liquid yeast (or associated products like ice packs and insulated mailers), we will automatically ship your yeast separately FREE 2 Day Air!!
  • If not taking advantage of BrewNinja Yeast Shipping, we always recommend an Expedited Shipping Method (USPS Priority, UPS Next Day or FedEx Overnight, etc), as well as one of our upgraded Insulated Mailers with extra ice packs, especially during the warmer months.
  • If you have an order that qualifies for free shipping, we will automatically ship your yeast separately FREE 2 Day Air, unless the only products that you ordered were liquid yeast strains.

Q - If I order liquid yeast Thursday after 2 pm PST, when will it ship?

  • Any liquid yeast ordered after 2 pm Pacific Time on Thursday will be shipped the following Monday

Q - How many packages of yeast and ice packs will fit into an Insulated Mailer?

  • On average, 2 packages of yeast and 3-6oz ice packs fit comfortably into either Insulated Mailer Option.  If there are not enough mailers on your order, we will ship your yeast as safely as possible, but cannot guarantee that all of your yeast will fit into the insulated mailer.

Q - If I don't choose extra ice packs and insulated mailers, will you still ship liquid yeast with a free ice pack?

  • Yes, we ship all yeast with 1 Free Ice Pack.  Our standard Ice Packs are 6 oz

Q - If my liquid yeast arrives warm, will you give me a credit or replace it?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee liquid yeast.  There are too many variables in the shipping process, the weather, and once the yeast arrives we cannot guarantee it.  We always ensure that your yeast is well packaged before it leaves our warehouse based upon the shipping options that you choose, and strongly encourage expedited shipping methods, qualifying for BrewNinja Yeast Shipping, insulated mailers and extra ice packs for each order and package of yeast to ensure it arrives as safely as possible.