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BrewChatter COVID In Store Safety Procedures
Welcome back to BrewChatter!  We are dedicated to the safety of our Homebrewing Community!  Please follow all of the Safety Standards below to ensure that everyone has a safe and fun homebrewing experience!
Please Stay 6 Feet Away from anyone who you are not currently living with!  We are currently limiting access to BrewChatter to only 4 customers at a time.
Masks are required to be worn by customers per Nevada Governors Mandate
We encourage all customers to place their orders online at to limit human contact as much as possible
While cash is accepted, touchless payment options and card processing is encouraged to limit social contact
We are currently not allowing reusable bags until further notice

What Steps is BrewChatter Taking to Maintain Your Safety?

As you know, we are here to provide your favorite homebrewing equipment, ingredients and information in the safest way possible!  Here are the steps that we are taking to ensure the safety of ourselves and our Community!


All grain fulfillment will be done by our BrewNinjas in our Employees Only section of the store.  This limits social contact and ensures that you are getting the safest and most comprehensive service possible!

All bar and workstations are being sanitized regularly to ensure consistent sanitation and safety

All BrewNinjas will wear a mask during all public interactions

Handwashing and the use of hand sanitizer will be done on a per customer basis

We continue to offer Curbside Delivery for any customers who wish to take advantage of online ordering.