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Brewing German Beer with Ben from Occidental Brewing



Saturday June 29, 2019


11 am to 2 pm


BrewChatter  1275 Kleppe Ln. #21, Sparks, NV 89431


Completely Free to All!

Join us and Ben from Occidental Brewing Company as we break down brewing German Styles!  This workshop will focus on how to dial your water profile in to the beers that you're brewing, history and regionality of different German styles and how to nail down the water profiles, and the beauty and subtlety in brewing these kinds of beers!  If you want to take your Hefeweizen or your favorite German Lager to the next level, you will not want to miss this workshop!

This event is going to be full of sun, fun, and tons of insanely good information and science!  This is for every level of brewer that wants to brew better beer, and learn more about brewing German Styles.  Festivities will include (but will not be limited to):

  • How to Adjust Your Water Profile to Highlight Your Beer
  • Classic Water Profiles for German Beer and How to Harness Them
  • German Brewing and Fermentation Processes
  • How to Really Nail Your Favorite German Styles
  • Q & A with Ben from Occidental Brewing Company
  • Authentic German Style Beer On Tap From Occidental Brewing Co.
  • Free Beer Brats for Lunch

    This whole event is open to one and all!