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Introduction to Fermenting Food



Saturday August 31st, 2019


12 pm to 3 pm


BrewChatter  1275 Kleppe Ln. #21, Sparks, NV 89431


Completely Free to All!

Join us August 31st as we demystify food fermentation!  We will show you how to decide on the perfect brine, different veggies to ferment as well as classic fermentations like Sauerkraut and Kimchi.  We will cover all of the equipment that you need to preserve your harvest in the most delicious way possible, and even dig into the science, probiotics and prebiotics, and other benefits of making your own lacto fermented food!

This Workshop is going to be fun, informative, and a great resource for everyone who wants to learn how to ferment and preserve their favorite vegetables, as well as make fun, colorful and tasty side dishes to enjoy the garden through the winter.

Festivities will include (but will not be limited to)

  • Demonstration of how to make fermented foods
  • The science behind the brine and how to keep your ferments clean and healthy
  • Overview of probiotic foods and the health benefits of lacto fermented produce
  • Harnessing natural yeast and bacteria for fermentation
  • Overview of classic food fermentation recipes
  • Necessary equipment for any fermentation
  • How to choose produce for your fermentation

For more information, check out our Facebook Events Page!  This workshop will be completely free to attend, kid friendly (start them young) and open to everyone! We will have beer on tap available for anyone who wants it, and some home made sauerkraut and fermented hot sauce to taste!