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Welcome to the BrewWorkshop!  This is where you can find all of the information on all of the upcoming events and educational workshops that we have planned, including Homebrewing Workshops, Beer Events and More! 

Malt Workshop with Great Western Malting Company



Saturday November 16th, 2019


11 am to 2 pm


BrewChatter  1275 Kleppe Ln. #21, Sparks, NV 89431


Completely Free to All!

Join us November 16th as we welcome Colin from Great Western Malting!  This BrewWorkshop is all about the soul of beer - the Malt!  We'll dive into some science and talk about how Great Western makes some of the amazing malts they make, as well as demonstrate how you can decide what the best malts for your next beer are!

We'll be steep testing 10 different types of grain and going in depth about what what makes each one unique, different malt creation processes, and more!  There will also be some awesome swag and ingredients, courtesy of our friends at Great Western Malting!

Best of all?  It's all FREE!  Grab your buddies and get your taste buds ready, because this in depth malt workshop is perfect for brewers of all levels, whether you steep your grain in your extract batches or mash it all together!

This Workshop is going to be fun, informative, and a great resource for everyone who wants to learn more about the malt that creates all of the different types of our favorite beverage!

Festivities will include (but will not be limited to)

    • Full Malt Presentation from Colin at Great Western Malting
    • Steep Test Demonstration so we can taste as we talk about all of the different malts and flavor profiles
    • Full overview on brewing grains, how they're created, and what effects different malts have on different beer styles
    • Ingredient giveaways from Great Western Malting
    • Awesome beer on tap

    For more information, check out our Facebook Events Page!  This workshop will be completely free to attend, and open to everyone!