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Lalvin EC-1118


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Lalvin EC-1118 (Prise De Mousse), 5 g sachet

Great for Dry Whites, Sweet and Sparkling Wines, Ice Wines, Fruit Based Wines, Dry Cider and Dry Mead.

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EC-1118 brings great flocculation and a neutral flavor and aroma profile to the table. This is a strain that is popular because of its strong fermentation characteristics and general lack of problems. Can be used in a wide range of wines including most red wines, sparkling wines and late harvest version where the alcohol tolerance needs to be a bit higher.

Ferments anywhere from 45 to 95 degrees with an alcohol tolerance of 18%. Not recommended for wines that will undergo a malolactic fermentation.

Commonly known as "the champagne strain".  Please note that this is a 'KILLER' strain, which means it does not play well with most other yeast strains, so plan accordingly.