Measuring and Testing

Hydrometers, thermometers, cylinders and refractometers, even pH Testing Strips.  Everything you need to measure and test your fermentation projects!
Standard Hydrometer
The Sample Taker Thief
Hydrometer Cylinder - 10" - Plastic
Floating Thermometer
Fermometer Stick On Thermometer
pH Papers - Beer Range
3 Piece Thief
Acid Titration Test Kit, Testing - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply
Syringe, 10 mL
Stainless Steel Turkey Baster
Refractometer - Brix and SG w/ ATC
Iodine Test Papers
Graduated Cylinder - 500mL
Glass Graduated Cylinder 500ml
Dial Thermometer 3" Face x 6" Probe
Dial Thermometer 3" Face x 2" Probe


14" Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar