Rye Malt


2.6º-3.0º L

Sold by the pound.  American Rye malt is made to exhibit classic rye malt characteristics. A great choice for rye beer styles or to spice up almost any brew, especially West Coast hoppy styles. Use up to 3% to add a touch of dryness and some spicy, rye characteristics to any beer style, 5-10% for classic rye, wheat and smoked beers, or up to 35% for Roggenbier, American Rye, or to have the rye be a fore-front flavor in a Rye IPA. 

Using higher levels of rye malt will contribute to a very viscous final product and a stuck mash due to the grains natural elevated content of beta glucan. Use rice hulls in the mash when the grist is above 20%. For a distiller's mash, or for a less viscous final product, you can add bataglucanase enzyme and do a step mash with the first rest at Beta-Glucanase temperatures, 110º-114º F for 15 minutes.


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