Equipment Kits

Equipment Kits for everything you want to make, including beer, wine, mead and cider, and even kegging!
Bulk Keg Kit
Cider Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon
Complete Yeast Starter Kit 2000mL
Complete Yeast Starter Kit 5000mL
Erlenmeyer Flask 2000 mL
Erlenmeyer Flask 5000 mL
Kegerator Conversion Kit
Kegging Kit - Deluxe
Kegging Kit - Premium
Magnetic Stir Plate
Mead Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon
Stir Bar 1"
Stir Bar 1" Square Sold out
The Starter Kit - Basic
The Starter Kit - Premium
Wildflower Honey 1 lb
Wildflower Honey 2 lb
Wildflower Honey 40 lb
Wildflower Honey 5 lb
Wine Starter Kit - Premium 1 Gallon