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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!

Islay Single Malt - 5 Gallon Recipe Kit

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If you like a smooth, beautiful, smokey Scotch Style Whisky, then this is your stop!  Taking a page from a book of world renknowned Islay Whisky Distiller's, this recipe boasts Crisp Peated Malt, specifically designed and produced for complex, smoke forward Scotch.  Expect deep, brilliant smoke character reminiscent of your favorite peated whisky's, and consider American Medium Spirals soaked in American bourbon to finish your whisky as authentically as possible.


Scotch Style Single Malt Smoked Whisky

Recipe Kit Details:

ABV: 7.6%
Estimated OG: 1.077
Estimated FG: 1.009
IBU: 0
SRM: 4

Included In Kit:

  • All Grains in Recipe, Ground and Bagged Together
  • 1 lb of Rice Hulls for Rinsing the Grains
  • 2 oz Red Star DADY Yeast
  • Mash and Fermentation Instructions for Best Yield


Bring 5.5 gallons of water to 155° F.  Add your mixed grains slowly, making sure that no dough balls form.  If you have a 24” x 24” Grain Steeping Bag, use it here.  After all of the grain is mixed in, make sure that you’re mash is at 148° F.  Let it sit, covered, for 60 minutes.  Separate and wash the grain however your system is set up.  The grain will absorb approximately 2 gallons of water, so add back 2 gallons of water to get to 5.5 gallons and bring to a boil for 15 minutes.  Cool to 75° F and pitch your yeast.  Cover with lid and airlock and allow 2 weeks for fermentation to complete for a clean wash.  From there, add to your still and distill using your normal process.  If you are oak aging, we recommend aging at 125 proof for 2 to 6 weeks using an half of an American Medium Spiral per quart, then diluting to 80 - 100 proof, depending upon what tastes the best.  Proof down slowly, 10 or so proof at a time, until the Bourbon style whiskey tastes exactly how you want it to.   Try not to drink all at once!

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Ask a Question
  • Is the yeast Safespirit M1 or Red Ale DADY yeast? The recipe sheet shows a different yeast than the web page.

    The Yeast that comes with the kit is 2 oz of Red Star Dry Active Distiller's Yeast.  SafSpirit M-1 is a wonderful alternative to the DADY, but is sold separately from the kit.