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BrewWater Water Profile Kit - Malty Stout and High Gravity

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  • I saw that this is recommended as a method for getting the proper water profile for a home brewed hard seltzer. How much should be added for a 1 gallon batch? I am planning to use real fruit for flavoring and therefore want to experiment on a smaller scale first. Thanks!

    Since these are made for a 5 gallon batch, it would be hard to split them evenly enough to be sure that you have the right amount of each product in there.  You might try our BrewWater Small Batch Hard Seltzer Yeast Kit, which is already designed for 1 gallon batches and contains all of the yeast, nutrients and buffers that you'll need.  Let us know how it comes out!


Our Malty Stout and High Gravity Water Profile Kit helps make all of your darkly colored high gravity Ales or Lagers, anything above 31 SRM, more malt forward with a more pronounced body and a thick, creamy mouthfeel.  Use this to create beer with a fuller malt character, slightly subdue roasted malts, and to increase your mash efficiency.  This is great for Imperial Stouts, Stouts, Doppelbocks and darker styles that are leaning towards higher gravity and a big, malty backbone.

Our BrewWater line of easy brewing water chemistry kits take all of the guesswork out of water adjustments for brew day!  You don’t need a water report, to adjust your sulfate to chloride ratio, or have to worry about any other brewing water adjustments!  Choose the kit that matches the best with the beer that you’re brewing, grab some distilled water or reverse osmosis water for your homebrew, and let us take care of the rest with an easy, ready to pitch package of pre-measured brewing salts and minerals to fit your favorite water profile!

Directions for Use

Calculate your mash volume based on the amount of grain in your beer recipe.  You will need to have your own water supply, either distilled water or reverse osmosis water.  Add your calculated mash volume and stir in the entire contents of your BrewWater Water Profile Kit.  Dough in and brew!  You do not need to add any other adjustments to the mash or sparge water.