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BrewWater Water Profile Kit - Malty Brown and Porter

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  • How much Water well this kit treat I generally brew five or 10 gallon batches which means I generally have around 6 1/2 to 7 gallons of wart Or close to 13 gallons of white for the boil down for 10 gallon batch will this treat 13 gallons or will it treat 7 gallons

    These BrewWater Kits are made for your typical 5 gallon batch, so for a normal gravity 10 gallon mash, you would want to use two packs.


Our Malty Brown and Porter Water Profile Kit helps make all of your Brown Ales or Lagers, Porters and Milk Stouts, anything from 18 - 30 SRM, more malt forward and fuller bodied.  Use this to create beer with a more malt foward character, accentuate specialty malts and slightly subdue overt roast character, and to increase your mash efficiency.  This is great for English and American Brown Ales and darker styles that are lighter in gravity such as Porters and Milk Stouts where you want a fuller body. 

Our BrewWater line of easy brewing water chemistry kits take all of the guesswork out of water adjustments for brew day!  You don’t need a water report, to adjust your sulfate to chloride ratio, or have to worry about any other brewing water adjustments!  Choose the kit that matches the best with the beer that you’re brewing, grab some distilled water or reverse osmosis water for your homebrew, and let us take care of the rest with an easy, ready to pitch package of pre-measured brewing salts and minerals to fit your favorite water profile!

Directions for Use

Calculate your mash volume based on the amount of grain in your beer recipe.  You will need to have your own water supply, either distilled water or reverse osmosis water.  Add your calculated mash volume and stir in the entire contents of your BrewWater Water Profile Kit.  Dough in and brew!  You do not need to add any other adjustments to the mash or sparge water.