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BrewWater Water Profile Kit - Hoppy Pale Ale and IPA

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  • If I'm brewing a 3 gal. Batch should I use the whole packet?

    These kits are measured out for a 5 gallon batch, so you may want to separate out 40% by weight to get maximum benefit.

  • ordered one of these and it sits at 21.1g on the scale but when I weigh my usual manual additions (2 tsp gypsum and 1 tsp calcium chloride) they come out to only 14.4g. Can you elaborate what else is in these packets? Havent brewed comparison batches between your packets and my additions but curious what else is in there besides the obvious gypsum/cacl? Thanks!

    Our BrewWater Kits include Gypsum (calcium sulfate), Salt (sodium chloride), Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), Calcium Chloride (cacl), Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate) and Chalk (calcium carbonate) at different rates to create a full water profile for different types of beers.  This one is optimized for hoppy beers, but we throw a little more in the mix than gypsum and cacl to ensure a complete profile.

  • Would this work for a red and a black IPA?

    This will accentuate hop character in both a Red and Black IPA, but it is formulated for a more traditional (lighter - up to about 12 SRM) IPA grain bill.  For a Red IPA, our Balanced Amber and Red or Dry Amber and Red would be more appropriate and still push the hops forward and maximize mash efficiency, depending on the yeast you choose.  For a Black IPA, our Dry Stout and High Gravity would have the same effect, while maximizing your mash efficiency and balancing out the darker malts.

  • Do you carry a pack for a NeIPA? I don't want a bitter profile.

    This kit is ideal for either West Coast or East Coast IPA.  While it will accentuate hop bitterness, it will create a balanced bitter profile for a NEIPA with the maltier profile and lower bittering additions will keep it balanced.

  • How much water does one packet treat?

    Each packet is built to condition the mash water for 5.5 gallons of finished wort


Our Hoppy Pale Ale and IPA Water Profile Kit is the perfect mix of additives to make your best IPA, Pale Ale or hop forward beer in the 2 - 6 SRM range.  Use this for all of your hoppy endeavors and don't be afraid to add all of the hops!  This will make your bitter profile more pronounced and help accentualte hop terpene flavors from whirlpool and dry hop additions.  

Our BrewWater line of easy brewing water chemistry kits take all of the guesswork out of water adjustments for brew day!  You don’t need a water report, to adjust your sulfate to chloride ratio, or have to worry about any other brewing water adjustments!  Choose the kit that matches the best with the beer that you’re brewing, grab some distilled water or reverse osmosis water for your homebrew, and let us take care of the rest with an easy, ready to pitch package of pre-measured brewing salts and minerals to fit your favorite water profile!

Directions for Use

Calculate your mash volume based on the amount of grain in your beer recipe.  You will need to have your own water supply, either distilled water or reverse osmosis water.  Add your calculated mash volume and stir in the entire contents of your BrewWater Water Profile Kit.  Dough in and brew!  You do not need to add any other adjustments to the mash or sparge water.