Brewing Vessels

Mash Tuns, Pots, Kettles, Lauter Tanks, and all the vessels in between you need for ready-to-go equipment and do-it-yourself projects
Brewers Rice Hulls 1lb Sold out
BrewBuilt Brewing Kettle and/or Mash tun
Still Spirits Turbo 500 Condenser (Copper), Distillation - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply
Chiller, wort chiller, hardware, stainless, chiller set up kit, robobrew setup, chiller starter kit, brass, stainless, ss 304, compression, compression fitting, 1/2", 1/2 inch, 3/4" Garden Hose fitting
Still Spirits EZ Inline Carbon Filter, Distillation - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply, pot still, corn whisky, corn whiskey, reflux still, brita filter, filter, water filter, carbon
Robobrew, robo brew, brewzilla, brewzilla, neoprene, robojacket, robo jacket, mash, insulate
Robobrew Replacement Immersion Chiller
Mash Tun Conversion Kit
BrewBuilt Mash Tun False Bottom Kit, False Bottoms - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply
Still Spirits Botanical Gin Basket, Distillation - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply