All Grain IPA Recipe Kits

Our All Grain IPA Ingredient Kits cover the best kinds of IPA's out there, from our I Am Brut Single Brut IPA beer kit to our Andromeda Double New England Style IPA beer kit, this hoppy style ale is the perfect category for hop lovers, and there is an IPA for everyone here.  Brew On!
Victory Dance IPA
Lupulous Nubious Black IPA
Unified IPA - All Grain
I Am BRÜT Brut Single IPA - All Grain
Trifecta New England IPA - All Grain, AG Kits - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply
Taste Buds Ruined IPA
Sparks is Fruity Fruited IPA - AllGrain, AG Kits - BrewChatter HomeBrew Supply
Snow White IPA
Piney the wElder
Evil Skunk IIPA
Andromeda New England IIPA