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BrewWorkshop Brewing Education Cheat Sheet

BrewWorkshop Brewing Education Cheat Sheet

*Next BrewWorkshop Day of Brewing Education is Saturday, September 10th*

Welcome to your favorite Brewing Resource of all time!  If you've joined us before at one of our BrewWorkshops, you know how much fun - and how much information it is!  We've put together an easy reference guide to help you with all of your brewing research. 

Below is a list of GREAT questions to ask no matter where you are on your brewing journey, as well as links to tons of amazing information to help.

How Do I Make Great Beer From Extract?

Homebrewing With Extract:  A Complete Guide

Download Our Brewing With Extract Guide

How Hard is it to Brew All Grain Beer?

Download our All Grain Pocket Guide

Dialing in Your Process:  Mashing and Sparging

Troubleshooting Brew Day:  Top 3 Brew Day Disasters and What To Do About Them

Homebrewing a Munich Dunkel and Showcasing Your Specialty Malts

Munich Malt and How to Homebrew Oktoberfest

Troubleshooting Your BrewZilla and Other All In One Systems

Homebrewing Edel~Hell:  Brewing Your Best Helles Lager

Building a Mash Tun With Style

BIAB:  From Extract to All Grain in $7

Converting Beer Recipes to Fit Your System

Homebrewing a Cream Ale:  S & M Cream Ale Recipe and Process

Homebrewing a Cryogenic IPA

How Do I Know How Much Sugar and Alcohol In My Beer?

Hydrometer VS Refractometer:  Measuring Your Wort

Is Kegging Easy?  Is It Worth It? (Yes is the answer)

Kegging Your Homebrew:  The Complete Guide

How Many Beers in a Keg?

How Does Bottling Work?

Download our Easy Guide to Bottling Beer

The Complete Guide to Bottling Any Fermentation

How Do I Make My Own Recipes?

Getting Started in Recipe Formulation

This one is a pretty big category, so we broke it up into the individual components of beer to make quick reference easy


Getting Started in Recipe Formulation Vol. 3:  All of the Malts

Choosing the Best Base Malt for Your Beer

Protein in Base Malt

Specialty Malts:  What Makes Them So Special?

Recipe Formulation and Homebrewing a Wee Heavy

The Magic of Pilsner Malt

Brewing with Organic Malt


Growing and Brewing with Homegrown Hops

Brewing your Best West Coast IPA

How to Homebrew Your Best new England IPA

Hop Resins:  Alpha and Beta Acids

Hop Series Volume 4:  Understanding Hop Oils

Whole Cone vs. Pellet Hops

Hop Series Volume 3:  Noble Hops

Hop Series Volume 2:  Getting What You Want From Your Hops

Hop Series Volume 1:  What Is A Cryo Hop?


Getting Started In Recipe Formulation Part 2 - Conceptualization and Yeast

Is My Yeast Dead?

What Do You Get When You Ferment With Kveik?

Homebrewing With Yeast Starters:  How and Why

Choosing Yeast for German Style Wheat Beers

Vault, Seasonal and Private Collection Yeast Strains

Pseudo-Science and the Case for Pseudo Lagers

Dry Yeast VS Liquid Yeast:  The Case for Dry Yeast

Why We Ship Liquid Yeast 2 Day Air


Water Profiling:  Basics and Building Water for German Beers

Getting Started with Recipe Formulation

Using Fruit In Beer

Using Fresh Fruit in Beer

Processing Fresh Fruit For Fermentation

Brewing Beer with Herbs and Spices

Brewing With Herbs and Spices

4 Crucial Considerations When Homebrewing Pumpkin Beer

Brewing With Specialty Sugars (Honey, Agave, Candi Sugar, Molasses)

Homebrewing Belgian Style Beer

Brewing Beer With Molasses


We hope you find this resource your favorite GO-TO for all aspects of our brewing adventures! 

We hold our monthly BrewWorkshop Day of Brewing Education once a month and will always update this article with the dates as well as new and exciting information as we write it and field questions at each home brew class.

Don't forget the last Wednesday of every month, we go LIVE and talk about our latest class, latest updates and new products, and TONS of non-sequiter fun!

If there is something that you want to add, or have a question, hit us up on our DISCORD!  Don't be afraid to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as well as shooting over your questions, comments and bad jokes to our Twitter!









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