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Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!
Liquid Yeast Ships On Its Own ... Fast& Free In Just 2 Days!
Why We Ship Liquid Yeast 2 Day Air

Why We Ship Liquid Yeast 2 Day Air

Liquid Yeast ShippingWe always want the freshest yeast possible, and we know you do, too!  Getting your liquid yeast from an online shop has been an issue for homebrewers since the dawn of time, and it seems like you never really know what you’re going to get.  Shipping yeast has always been an issue.  We decided it was time to fix that, and here's why!

Not everyone has a local homebrew shop close to them, or one that carries all of the strains that you want.  When it comes to brewing, variety is the spice of life!  Before we started this store, it seemed like wherever we got our yeast from there was an issue. 

This is temperature sensitive and time sensitive stuff, and we got used to having to make a starter no matter where it came from just to save it.  Transit times were always all over the place, refrigerated shipping wasn’t something that was a priority, so no matter what type of yeast we wanted, it was almost safer to just buy dry yeast and eat the lack of variety.  Of course, the variety in dry yeast has grown a lot since then (read Dry Yeast Vs Liquid Yeast - The Case for Dry Yeast) , but it’s still nothing in comparison to what’s available in liquid yeast.

Liquid Yeast Shipped Improperly

Gentle, Almost Lover-Like Treatment

All jokes aside, the way it seems like getting liquid strains has always been an issue.  So we decided to fix it.  Yes, any yeast that comes from BrewChatter definitely gets gentle, lover-like treatment!  This is how:

  • First off, all liquid yeast goes 2 Day Air, no matter what else is on the order.  If we can upgrade the entire order and send it all 2 Day, we do, otherwise the yeast gets separated out and shipped separately. 
  • Then, all liquid yeast gets an ice pack no matter what.  There is no way we would ever want to receive 100 billion cells with no ice pack, no matter what time of year!  So we won’t send them that way, either.  We have extra ice packs available, and our BrewNinjas are all trained to pack the yeast in the absolute best way possible to maximize the cooling power of the ice packs. 
  • We also brought in some super solid insulated mailers, both an insulated foam mailer and a standard bubble mailer.  Both work awesome and make sure that you get your yeast nice, cold, and ready to brew. 
  • We automatically will only ship yeast strains Monday through Thursday (Thursday with free Saturday delivery, of course) to make sure that nothing gets stuck in a warehouse or shipping facility over a weekend.  
Liquid Yeast, Properly packaged and ready to ship to all 50 states

We do this because we’re brewers, and know how we would like to receive our yeast.  It’s not refrigerated, temperature controlled shipping, but whether you want Imperial Organic Yeast, White Labs Yeast or Wyeast, we do everything we can to get it to you fresh and cold. 

Liquid or dry, we’re all doing our best to make high quality beer, and the yeast is a big part of that.  We attribute 80% of the flavor profile to the yeast because it determines how everything else comes together, so 80% of your beer is an important ingredient!

I hope, as fellow brewers, you like getting your liquid yeast fresh and fast!  Follow us on Facebook and like us on Instagram to stay up to date with all of our fun projects and experiments.  Like and Subscribe on our YouTube Channel, BrewChatterTV, for how to’s, fun, humor and lots of brewing knowledge!  Brew On
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