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Alternative Fermentations: How to Make Makgeolli

Our friend and fellow fermentationist Chris Buchanan was nice enough to contribute this weeks article on making Makgeolli (pronounced Mahk-kuh-lee)!  Check out his tried and true process and make some of your own! 

Creamy, spritzy, and refreshingly tart; this is what makgeolli should taste like. Unlike those green bottles found in your local Asian grocery store, makgeolli is a lively and enjoyable drink. It’s also simple to make at home with 3 simple ingredients: water, rice, and nuruk (sold as enzyme powder). You’re familiar with the first two no doubt, so let’s dive into nuruk first.

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Choosing Yeast for German Style Wheat Beers

For many of us, German Wheats are the end all, be all.  All of the clove, the bubblegum, and the banana hooks us instantly, and the light and refreshing nature of the beer makes us reach for another one.  The hardest part about making these traditional, German style hefeweizens is which yeast to use, and how to use it. This week, we’ll cover some of the more popular and available German strains, and talk about getting what you really want out of them, and the real differences between the German wheat beers and the American style wheat beers!
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Water Profiling: Basics and Building Water for German Beers

German beer is delicious.  It’s just a fact that everybody knows.  Even if you aren’t a fan of hefeweizen, you’ll like a helles or a doppelbock.  It’s just science! A big part of making your best version of a German style is how you adjust your local water or build your beer water profile to accentuate hop characters, balance and overall flavors, and that’s what we’ll be talking about this week!
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