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Home Brewing Blog Posts on BrewCranium

  • Pseudo-Science and the Case for Pseudo-Lagers
    May 14, 2021

    Pseudo-Science and the Case for Pseudo-Lagers

    In the use of BrewChatter’s all grain Chupacabra Bock Recipe kit, I stumbled into an accidental experiment. I will be the first to say that this was not an exacting double blinded experiment with perfect controls meeting the high standards of the scientific method. If you have seen and read the well designed exBeeriments, this is not one of those. However, in the end, it left me wondering if using a true lager yeast is the best for me.

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  • How Many Beers In A Keg?
    April 30, 2021

    How Many Beers In A Keg?

    If you’re just getting started in kegging your home brew, or firing up your kegerator to pour some fantastic craft beer and wine, sometimes it’s hard to know not only how many pours to expect, but how to troubleshoot pouring beer, carbon dioxide pressure, and what kind of coupler to use.  

    This week, we’ll cover what kinds of kegs there are, how many pints to expect from what size, and the different kinds of connections that you’ll see out there as you find your favorite beers and kegged wines.

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  • Brewing in Small Spaces
    April 17, 2021

    Brewing in Small Spaces

    To brew great beer, you don’t need a huge, elaborate area with all kinds of stands, sinks, hoses and space. When I started, my options for brewing were limited, as I lived in a 495 Sq Ft apartment in downtown. Now, I upgraded to a hugely spacious [sarcasm] 782 Sq Ft apartment, also in downtown. I’ve been brewing in small spaces for about 5 years, and while I’m still far from any kind of expert, I enjoy the hell out of brewing beer AND living in the heart of the city. Not wanting to sacrifice one or the other, I’ve come up with some tips and tricks so your apartment--in my case a studio apartment--doesn’t get wrecked each and every brew day (only once in a while to keep things interesting). 

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A Home Brewers BrewSummary

  • Cranberry Hemp Apple Cider
    January 2, 2021

    Cranberry Hemp Apple Cider

    The purpose of this BrewSummary was to find out if using cider and fruit puree instead of water with Vintner’s Best Hemp Wine would yield a better, more alcoholic product than just following the instructions on the wine base.  See how it came out, and make your own!
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  • Josh and RJ Brewing Live on YouTube BrewChatterTV
    December 16, 2020

    Hour and a Half African Hop IPA

    The whole purpose of this BrewSummary is to show how fast and easy it is to fill a fermenter after work, and to try out African Queen hops!  Check out the recipe, how it all comes together in the pint glass, and join us for a LIVE Brew Day!
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  • Making an Anti-Viral Red
    November 21, 2020

    Making an Anti-Viral Red

    The idea behind this BrewSummary was to use elderberries in a classic malt forward red ale and see if we could use lighter base malt and limited specialty malts to make a bright red, fruit forward beer.  And to make it healthy!
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BrewChatter's Story - How two home brewers got started together.

Here is a short video of how two home brewers started BrewChatter Home Brew Supplies. Want to watch more of our videos? Follow us on YouTube BrewChatterTV! Cheers, Josh and RJ