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The Magic of Pilsner Malt

Pilsner malt is one of the least modified malt types on the market today, and unless you’re making a German style lager or something light, you’ve probably overlooked this delicious base malt for something better modified.  While it is less modified, it’s also one of the most delicious base malts around, adding distinctive and sweet malt flavors to any beer. But there is also extra process involved with this malt type, and it can be a little intimidating. This week we’ll talk about different processes to get the most from your Pilsner malts in any beer style, how to ward off DMS and what that even means, and why you should give pils a try in your next beer!
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Homebrewing Edel-Hell:  Brewing Your Best Helles Lager

Homebrewing Edel-Hell: Brewing Your Best Helles Lager

When we first started talking to Ben at Occidental about his beers, we were floored that this modern brewery was trending, both in Portland and in our hometown of Reno/Sparks Nevada, with simple, delicious and well made German style beer.  When we approached him about making a homebrew version of one of our favorite Occidental beers, it was cool to see how excited and supportive he was, and how much he enjoys both contributing and giving back to the homebrew community! Thus, our Occidental Edel-Hell was born! 
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BIAB: From Extract To All Grain in $7

Brew In A Bag is kind of a brilliant way to get to All Grain Brewing, if you think about it.  It covers the entire brewing process, it involves the equipment that you probably already have if you’re extract brewing, it’s cost effective, has a smaller footprint, but still doesn’t preclude building your dream system eventually.  And all it takes is a pot big enough to brew in, and a bag big enough to hold grain! This week we’ll talk about the equipment it takes to make the jump from extract to brew in a bag (BIAB), best practices with process and differences vs a more traditional system.
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