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  • Hop Series Volume 4:  Understanding Hop Oils
    October 11, 2019

    Hop Series Volume 4: Understanding Hop Oils

    One of the most complex parts of making a hoppy beer is trying to figure out what to expect from each hop, and how different hops interact with each other.  While this is made easier by using and understanding different hops, there’s some good science to go along with this magic to help us figure out what to expect from certain hop varieties that we haven’t used extensively or made a S.M.A.S.H. with yet.  This week it’s all about hop oils, what flavors to expect from each, and how they can affect your beer.
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  • Whole Cone Hops vs. Pellet Hops
    September 20, 2019

    Whole Cone Hops vs. Pellet Hops

    Everybody has their preference when it comes to using hops.  Sometimes it’s your system and how you hop, and sometimes it’s just a preference for using the best possible ingredients that you can get in your beer.  This week we’ll talk a little more about the difference between whole leaf, fresh hops, and pellets, and the pros and cons of using each for your homebrew.
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  • IPAs From History to Today
    August 30, 2019

    IPAs From History to Today

    The India Pale Ale was born a long time ago at the height of the British Empire, but since the mid 2000’s, they’ve REALLY evolved.  We’ve got new and exciting types, different ways to use the hops, and have come up with a whole new beer phenomenon that anyone drinking IPA’s from Burton on Trent in the late 19th century would be hard pressed to recognize.  Today’s IPA’s are a credit to craft brewers, good science, and a whole lot of experimentation by homebrewers and craft brewers alike! This week, we’ll explore IPA’s a little deeper, get hopped up on a little history, and maybe even speculate (drunkenly, of course!) on what’s next
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